Ingilizce 2 Deneme Sınavı Sorusu #7056

Answer questions 1-6 according to the following text Yesterday it (i-rain)________ all day. Ann (ii-try)-_______ to keep busy inside the house. She (iii. read)_______ her book until the electricity (iv. go out)_______. Then she (v.decide)________ to practice her sewing. She was practicing sewing until lunchtime. After lunch she (vi-sit)_______ by the window and (vii-watch)________ the rain. While Ann was watching the rain, the phone rang. Her mother was calling to say she was coming home. She (viii- bring) a new game. Ann and her mother (ix-eat) ice cream and (x-play) the game. While they were playing, the rain stopped. But Ann didn’t even notice. She was having such a good time. 1. What are the correct forms of the verbs in (i) and (ii) ?

a. (i)Was raining ; (ii) was trying
b. (i) was raining ; (ii) tried
c. (i) rained ; (ii) tried
d. (i) rained ; (ii) was trying
e. (i) rained ; (ii) was tried

Yanıt Açıklaması: 'all day' eylemin sürekliliğine vurgu yapmaktadır . bu nedenle past continuous kullanılmalı.doğru yanıt (a)
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