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Waiter: What can I get for you to drink?
Customer: I'd like a large cappuccino with a shot of caramel flavoring and just a small sprinkle of cinnamon on the top.
Waiter: Right away. Is that for here or to go?
Customer: To go, please...
Waiter: Here you are.
Customer: But it smells caramel, not vanilla!
Waiter: That's because you asked for a shot of caramel.
Customer: I don't think I did. I never order my cappuccino with caramel.
Waiter: Then I apologize for the misunderstanding. I'll re-make it.
Customer: That's OK. And didn't I ask it for here?
Waiter: To go, but I can make it for here. 
Customer: That's what I want. Thank you!
Which of the following is TRUE according to the conversation above?

The customer is happy with his cappuccino.

The waiter did not understand the order very well.

The customer wants to drink his cappuccino at the cafeteria.

The waiter and the customer have a terrible argument.

The waiter will bring the customer a cappuccino to go.

Yanıt Açıklaması:

The customer ordered cappuccino with caramel flavor to go, but he says he wants it with vanilla flavor for here. So the waiter will re-make it with vanilla flavor to drink at the cafeteria.

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