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Ordering Drinks in the United States
When you are eating at a restaurant in the United States, the first thing a waiter would ask is whether you would like bottled or tap water. Unlike the tradition in Turkey, you are expected to tell them what type of water you would have.  If you say bottled water, then the next question comes: You want it still or sparkling? This might be quite confusing for many Turkish people because it is mostly still water they drink while eating. Anyway, the water you ordered will be brought to you soon. If you are drinking coffee and soft drinks, the waiters will frequently ask you if you want another coffee or coke. If yes, they will refill it for free. In Britain, on the other hand, water and soft drinks must be requested and they are not free.
According to the text, which of the following is TRUE?

You have to pay for coffee or soft drinks in Britain.

In the United States, many people prefer to drink still water.

Turkey and the United States differ a lot regarding eating traditions.

Many restaurants serve water to their customers for free.

Refilling water for free is common in many countries.

Yanıt Açıklaması:

The last sentence of the text "In Britain, on the other hand, water and soft drinks must be requested and they are not free." shows that you have to pay for them. 

Refilling water and coffee for free is something common in the United States.

In the text, it is stated that it might be confusing for a Turkish person to be asked whether he wants still or sparkling water because it is not common in Turkey. This is only one difference mentioned in the text. It cannot be generalized as it is in option C.

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