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Which one of the restaurants originated in Italia?


chuck wagon





1 Which sentence is more polite? Hangi cümle daha kibardır?


What time does the shuttle leave for the city center?

Could you tell me what time the shuttle leaves for the city center?

Tell me what time the shuttle leaves for the city center.

When does the morning shuttle leave for the city center ?

Will the shuttle leave for the city center now?


Customer: I'd like to have a double espresso, please.
Waiter: I'm sorry. We cannot serve espresso _______ the moment. There is a problem with the coffee maker.
Customer: Oh! I'll have a Coke, then.
Waiter: I'll be right back.

Fill in the blank with the correct preposition below.







Hangi seçenek aşağıdaki açıklamanın karşılığıdır?

“Rooms that next to each other but there is a connection door between these rooms.”

Double room

Singe room

Adjoining rooms




Bartender:…Customer: No, can you call a taxi for me? Aşağıdakilerden hangisi yukarıdaki konuşmayı doğru şekilde tamamlar?

Would you like ice with that?

Would you like that on the rocks?

How would you like that?

Do you have a designated driver?

Is that for here or to go?


What is a ‘Boutique Hotel’?
(‘Boutique Hotel’ nedir?)

A boat used as a hotel.

A small specialized hotel.

A historical hotel.

A hotel on the mountain top.

A large complex.


________ there a discount if I ______ a four-night reservation? Which of the following completes the sentence above?

Was / make

Is / made

Is / make

Will / made

Was / made


Which tea do we get when the tea leaves are dried very quickly in an oven?

Herbal tea

Black tea

White tea

Green tea

Linden tea


Which of the following does not belong to fruit juices? Aşağıdakilerden hangisi meyve sularına ait değildir?







Which one of the following refers to the person who is responsible for providing advice on travel, making reservations for various events and helping guests with different problems?







If you do not want anything in your coffee, how would you order it?

Coffee only with cream please.

May I have coffee with milk please?

Will you bring me coffee with milk and cream?

May I have black coffee please?

I would like to have coffee with chocolate.


Which of the following is not available in a hotel room? Aşağıdakilerden hangisi bir otel odasında bulunmaz?

Satellite TV

Currency exchange

Wireless internet

Music system

Mini bar


Choose the option which is NOT appropriate for the following sentence:

(Aşağıdaki cümleye uygun olmayan seçeneği işaretleyiniz.)

 “The server is ………………………. person in this restaurant.”

The most attractive

The most beautiful

The least friendly

The most affordable

The least noisy


Which of the questions below is asked when booking at a restaurant?

Would you care for something to drink?

Will that be all?

How many will be in your party?

Was everything all right?

Was everything to your liking?


TeaDo you know who drank tea first? It really is not possible to answer this question but there is a little story about the beginning of tea. According to the legend, about 2737 BC, the Chinese emperor, Shen Nung, who was interested in plants and herbs, was sitting under a tree. His servant gave him a glass of boiled water and some leaves from the tree fell into this glass. Instead of throwing it away, the emperor tried to drink it and liked it. The tree was Camellia Sinensis, and the drink that came from its leaves is what we call tea today. Of course it is not possible to know if this story is true but the first tea drinkers were the Chinese. Tea spread to the world from China. The words for tea also come from two different Chinese dialects. Mandarin and Cantonese: Cha and Amoy te. Tea is a soft drink. It is prepared by pouring hot boiling water over the tea leaves. Tea is one of the most widely drunk beverages. Tea comes from a bush/plant called Camellia Sinensis. After tea is harvested there is a long process of drying it and getting it ready for tea lovers. However, depending on the process we get different types of tea. Here are some:
  • Green tea : The tea leaves are dried very quickly in an oven.
  • Black tea : The tea leaves oxidize and become rich in their flavor.
  • White tea : The tea leaves are picked just as they are starting with silky hair on their leaves.
  • Flavored teas : Black tea leaves are mixed with natural flavors. One of the most famous flavored tea is Earl Grey where the black tea is mixed with bergamot oil. Black tea is mostly mixed with fruits or spices. Some types of flavored teas would be vanilla tea, apple tea, orange tea, cinnamon tea etc.
According to the text, if the tea leaves are picked just as they are starting with silky hair on them what type of tea are they?

Green tea

Black tea

White tea

Early Grey tea

Flavored tea


Hangisi aşağıda verilen şikayete uygun bir cevap değildir?

Complaint: “Excuse me, but my room is too cold to stay right now.”

I’ll see to it right away, sir.

I’ll see what I can do about it, sir.

I’ll take care of that right now, sir.

I’ll send our technician to your room right away, sir.

I’ll do nothing about it. Do not complain.


In which of the places below you can have meat?







There are a lot of "meze" in small plates on the table before bringing the main dish. One of the foreign customers curious about all those appetizers who has never seen before. As a server, how would you describe all those mezes?

Mezes are only eaten with bread during the dinner.

Without mezes, the dishes may be bland.

They are very good for your appetite.

You may only taste your dish with those mezes.

Mezes are our traditional appetizers with spices.


What will a bartendar offer you If you are very tired and want to wake up very quickly?

 double martini

double espresso

 cold cola

orange juice

 a smoothy


In which of the questions below, “could” is used to ask for permission?

Could you speak a little bit loudly?

Could you give me a glass of wine?

Could I help you with your hand luggage?

Could you tell me the closing hour?

Could I use your pen for a minute?