Turizm İçin 1ngilizce 1 Ara 9. Deneme Sınavı

Toplam 20 Soru


Waiter: Good afternoon. Are you ready to order?

Customer: Yes, I would like to try the curry chicken salad.

Waiter : With onions?

Customer:No onions please. ________________

Waiter: Yes, ma’m.

 Which sentence completes the dialogue best? ? Diyaloğu en iyi tamamlayan cümle hangisidir?

I really like almonds.

Do you have onions?

Do you like almonds?

Does it come with almonds?

I love onions.


What should you say if you want to leave a tip for the barman? Barmene bahşiş bırakmak isterseniz ne söylemelisiniz?

Straight up.

A double, please.

Do you have any snacks?

I am okay.

Keep the change


Waiter: Are you ready to order, madam?

Customer : I think so.    

Waiter: _____________________

Customer : Tomato soup and mineral water      please.

Waiter: Certainly.

Complete the dialogue with the most appropriate sentence.

What would you like to eat?

Would you like to have tomato soup?

What do you want to drink?

What is your order?

What would you like to have?


Which of the following is a suggestion?
(Aşağıdakilerden hangisi bir tavsiyedir?)

Could you bring me another glass of water, please?

May I use your room service during night?

Could you speak slowly, please?

You should check-out till afternoon.

You might visit Cappadocia when you are in Turkey.


Customer: Do you have any snacks?

Bartender: …

Aşağıdakilerden hangisi yukarıdaki konuşmayı doğru şekilde tamamlar?

We have peanuts, crackers, cheese and corn chips.

We do have some famous mixed drinks.

Your drinks will be ready in a minute.

Anything to drink?

Cream and sugar?


There is ample free parking space in front of the hotel, so our guests ........... pay extra for parking. Which one of the following completes the dialogue above?


don't have to



may not


Some people prefer to stay in a hotel where they feel themselves at their home. Such hotels are small specialized ones built in a unique environment some of which are well known for specific events.

Where do people can find home like and sincere environment where they can enjoy true hospitality?

Thermal Hotels

Conference Hotels

Airport Hotels

Mountain Resort Hotels

Boutique Hotels


Which following statement is false?
(Aşağıdaki ifadelerden hangisi yanlıştır?)

Underwater Hotels have their rooms underwater.

Treehouse Hotels use trees in their construction.

Cave Hotels may have rooms underground.

Capsule Hotels contain large rooms.

Conference Hotels are built in large areas.


Which rooms are called adjoining rooms in a hotel?

Rooms with a connecting door between

Rooms with 3 bedrooms

Rooms with sea view

Rooms for bigger families

Rooms which are situated on the first floor


Which one of the following means available space or room?







I – All you need to write is your name, surname, phone number and your passport number.

II – No, the parking is free

III – How should I fill in this form?

IV – Do we have to pay for the car park?

Put the sentences in the correct order to make a meaningful dialogue.

III – IV – II – I

II – I – IV – III

IV – III – I – II

III – I – IV – II

I – III – IV – II


Waiter: Are you ready to order?
Mary: …
Which of the following completes the dialogue?


My soup is very cold.

Yes. I’ll have soup, grilled meat and potatoes.

The table is too close to the kitchen.

This table is very noisy.


You are working as a waiter in a popular restaurant. You are going to serve to a first-comer tourist. What would he/she ask you first about the order?

What is the best restaurant in Istanbul?

Are there any other restaurants near here?

What would you recommend to eat?

How many people work in this restaurant?

When does the live music start?


"She can draw very well" What is the function of "Can" above?







Guest: “…………………………………………………………….”
Staff: “It is on the left side of the elevators, ma’am.”
Complete the dialog with the correct option.
(Diyaloğu doğru seçenekle tamamlayınız.)

Could I please have some tissues?

Can I make a reservation for two?

Could you tell me where the toilet is?

Could you drive us to the airport?

Can you clean our room?


Read the following situation and complete the dialog with the best option.

A guest calls the front desk and complains about the bathroom taps.

Guest: We have no hot water in the bathroom, I several times tried to turn on the hot water but only cold water flows.

Receptionist: Oh really! Okey, now first  you have to press on the red button on the right side of the taps and then turn on the tap on the righthandside. If there is still no hot water ............................................... .

don't worry, it will come sooner or later.

you may try other buttons on the sides of the tap.

you have to delay your shower for a while.

I will send a technician to check it.

you may use the outdoor showers that you can find around the pool.


Which of the following situations does he server say: “I hope you liked everything. Can I offer you something hot to drink now? Turkish coffee or tea?”

While making a reservation for a restaurant.

To end a night at a restaurant.

During the meal at a restaurant.

Before the customers order their meal.

When the customers walk in a restaurant.


What is NOT another way of saying “What would you like to order?” at a café or in a bar?

What would you like to have?

What are you having?

What can I get you?

What is your pleasure?

Would you like me to keep a tab?


The bartender starts working _____ seven o’clock every morning.

Aşağıdakilerden hangisi yukarıdaki cümleyi doğru şekilde tamamlar?







Which one of the following refers to the type of restaurant that sells breads, cakes and cookies?