Turizm İçin 1ngilizce 1 Final 13. Deneme Sınavı

Toplam 20 Soru


Waiter: What would you like to drink?
Customer: _______________ ?
Waiter: I'd suggest Shirley Temple. It's the fav beverage at this cafe.
Customer: What is it?
Waiter: It's a non-alcoholic drink. It's sprite and grenadine syrup.
Customer: OK. I'll give it a go.
Waiter: I'll be right back.
Which of the following best completes the dialogue?

Do you have any snacks?

Do you have any specialties?

Would you like another?

Do you have a designated driver?

What can I get for you?


It is better to make an-early reservation for this hotel __________ it is very crowded in summer seasons and it not easy to find rooms in this season. Which of the following fills out the blank meaningfully?







Which of the following responsibilities is more likely to belong to a front desk person?

Changing the bed sheets

Dealing with malfunctions about the phone line

Making a reservation for a concert

Cooking breakfast

Protecting the guests’ valuables


What is not one of the duties of a front desk staff member in case of emergency? Aşağıdakilerden hangisi acil durum karşısında resepsiyonistin görevlerinden biri değildir?

Calling 112

Checking the fire panel

Escorting the guests and authorities

 Communicating with the staff

Meeting the fire trucks


Which word below describes that a restaurant is not very expensive?







Filiz works ____________ Magic Bistro as a waitress.







Which of the following might be really useful for the people who want their comfort and like their breakfast early in the morning?

Handicapped access

Conference facilities

Babysitting Service

Grand Ballroom

24-hour room service


Which of the below is NOT one of the facilities Beverly Hilton Hotel offers to its customers?

Room sauna


Steam bath


Olympic pool


Which one is one of the complimentary toiletries in a hotel?


Hair conditioner


Other cosmetics

All of the above


When a customer orders his/her drink by adding “straight up, please”, where or in what kind of place  does he/she order a drink?

At a restaurant

At a bistro

In a bar

In a café

At a buffet


Which of the following questions can be used while asking for a direction?

Could you give me a lift to the city centre, please?

Which places do you recomend me to see in the city centre?

Excuse me. Could you tell me how to get to the city centre?

How much should I take with me while visiting the city centre?

Is city centre usually crowded?


Which of the following sentences is correct?

I am look a book store.

Could you recommend a restaurant?

Do there a sports centre in the hotel?

You may enjoyable visiting the museum.

Do she know where I can find a shopping centre?


You.............................your passport while you were going to your room. I gave it to you just before you left here.

could lose

must lose

could have lost 

should have lost 

must have lost


I have walked for hours. I .....................I am going to sleep.

Which of the following completes the sentence above?

Aşağıdakilerden hangisi yukarıdaki cümleyi doğru olarak tamamlar?

am very energetic

need a dentist

need a doctor

have a toothache

am very tired


Which one of the following is not a standard for each hotel room?

A hair conditioner

A closet for clothes

A clean shower

Free Wi-Fi

A telephone


What does “dress-code” mean while going to a place?

How we should wear

How tables look

When the restaurant was opened

How dishes look

What drinks the restaurant serve


In case you lose your passport abroad, it would be a good idea to_____________

avoid putting all your money in one place.

know the telephone number of your country’s consulate.

have travel insurance made out before you start your journey.

put valuable possessions in the hotel safe

keep your passport with you and put it in a safe place.


When a receptionist asks "How many in your party?" what does she/he mean?

How many people are with you?

How many people are there in the party?

Which part of the hotel would you like?

How are you going to pay?

Will you join the party?


Which is NOT an appropriate response to the following dialog?
Hangisi aşağıdaki diyaloğa uygun bir yanıt değildir?
Customer: “We will arrive in your hotel before check-in. Is it a problem?”
Staff: “No, sir. …………?………….”.

If your room isn’t ready, you can leave your bags here.

I cannot help you with this situation. You cannot come here.

If your room is ready, you will be able to check in.

You can walk around the city until check-in by leaving your bags here.

We will do our best to make you comfortable until check-in.


Which of the following is a correct comparative/superlative adjective group?

good/better/the best

hot/hotter/the hottest

bad/badder/ the badder

dirty/dirtyier/the dirtyiest

fast/fast/the fast