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Guest: Good evening.
Host: Do you have a reservation for this evening?
Guest: We do. My name is Wallace. Party of five.
Host: I’m sorry Mr. Wallace, but I don’t seem to have your name on the list of reservations for tonight.
Guest: That’s impossible. I called yesterday and made a reservation.
Host: I am terribly sorry, but it is Saturday evening and we are very full. If you don’t have a reservation, it is very difficult to accommodate you.
Guest: Look. I called here yesterday and the person I spoke with said that we had to have a reservation for tonight. So, I gave him my name and told him we would be here at nine o’clock.
Host: I understand, sir. It’s just that we are extremely busy tonight. Do you know who spoke with?
Guest: I have no idea. I only know that I spoke to someone, and they took my reservation. May I speak to the manager, then?
Host: Sir, I am the manager.
Guest: Good. Then, as the manager, I hope you can realize the mistake that one of your staff made, and find us a table for five.
Host: Ok. I’m very sorry about the inconvenience. Let me speak with the head waiter and have him arrange a table for four. Please wait for about ten minutes while we set up a table for you.
Guest: Thank you.

Which sentence is true?

Guest knows with whom he spoke on the phone to make a reservation.

Host asks which table they prefer.

Host asks them to wait for about ten minutes while they set up a table.

Guest is speaking with one of the manager’s staff.

Guest came to the restaurant to make a reservation.

Yanıt Açıklaması:

Konuşmada garson müşteriden masanın hazırlanması için yaklaşık on dakika kadar beklemelerini rica etmiştir, dolayısıyla doğru cevap "Host asks them to wait for about ten minutes while they set up a table." dır.

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