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Staff: Thank you for calling our resort hotel. How may I help you?Guest: I’m thinking about making a reservation and I have some questions about the hotel. Staff: I may be able to help you, what questions do you have? Guest: Me and my husband are planning to spend the weekend in your facility and looking for a relaxing weekend. What kind of activities do you offer? Staff: For you and your husband as relaxing activities you may join our yoga classes start in the morning at 8:00, hiking and cycling organised by our trained staff, we have spa open from 10:00 to 00:00 exclusive for our guests only.Guest: Spa sounds good, can I have further information regarding the services offered by your spa centre? Staff: I can direct you to the reception of our spa centre, please hold while I connect you. Which of the following statements describe best the above-mentioned dialogue?

A guest wants to have information about the amenities and facilities of the hotel.

A guest complains about the bad service she receives at the Spa.

A guest forgot one of her valuables and wants it to be found and sent to her address.

A guest wants to learn about the child care facilities of the hotel.

A guest requests a late check out without an extra payment.

Yanıt Açıklaması:

The guest wants to spend the weekend with her husband at the hotel. She wants to learn what kind of facilities the hotel offers for guests who are looking for some relaxation time. The correct answer is A.

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