Turizm İçin 1ngilizce 1 Final 1. Deneme Sınavı

Toplam 20 Soru


Which of the following should be done in case of fire? Yangın durumunda aşağıdakilerden hangisi yapılmalıdır?

You must direct your guests to fire escapes.

You must immediately put the fire out.

You must directly run into the elevators.

You must panic your hotel guests.

You must direct your guests to their rooms.


There are many interesting shops that sell traditional products. Which of the following is closest in meaning to  interesting ? Aşağıdakilerden hangisi interesting sözcüğüne anlam olarak en yakındır?







Guest:________________ ! Staff: Do you remember when you last saw her? Which question best fits this answer? Bu cevaba en uygun soru aşağıdakilerden hangisidir?

I’ve lost my beach bag!

Where is the nearest bus stop?

I must catch the shuttle!

I can’t find my glasses!

My two-year-old daughter is lost!


Staff: Thank you for calling our resort hotel. How may I help you?Guest: I’m thinking about making a reservation and I have some questions about the hotel. Staff: I may be able to help you, what questions do you have? Guest: Me and my husband are planning to spend the weekend in your facility and looking for a relaxing weekend. What kind of activities do you offer? Staff: For you and your husband as relaxing activities you may join our yoga classes start in the morning at 8:00, hiking and cycling organised by our trained staff, we have spa open from 10:00 to 00:00 exclusive for our guests only.Guest: Spa sounds good, can I have further information regarding the services offered by your spa centre? Staff: I can direct you to the reception of our spa centre, please hold while I connect you. Which of the following statements describe best the above-mentioned dialogue?

A guest wants to have information about the amenities and facilities of the hotel.

A guest complains about the bad service she receives at the Spa.

A guest forgot one of her valuables and wants it to be found and sent to her address.

A guest wants to learn about the child care facilities of the hotel.

A guest requests a late check out without an extra payment.


Guest: Good evening.
Host: Do you have a reservation for this evening?
Guest: We do. My name is Wallace. Party of five.
Host: I’m sorry Mr. Wallace, but I don’t seem to have your name on the list of reservations for tonight.
Guest: That’s impossible. I called yesterday and made a reservation.
Host: I am terribly sorry, but it is Saturday evening and we are very full. If you don’t have a reservation, it is very difficult to accommodate you.
Guest: Look. I called here yesterday and the person I spoke with said that we had to have a reservation for tonight. So, I gave him my name and told him we would be here at nine o’clock.
Host: I understand, sir. It’s just that we are extremely busy tonight. Do you know who spoke with?
Guest: I have no idea. I only know that I spoke to someone, and they took my reservation. May I speak to the manager, then?
Host: Sir, I am the manager.
Guest: Good. Then, as the manager, I hope you can realize the mistake that one of your staff made, and find us a table for five.
Host: Ok. I’m very sorry about the inconvenience. Let me speak with the head waiter and have him arrange a table for four. Please wait for about ten minutes while we set up a table for you.
Guest: Thank you.

When did the customer call to make a reservation?

On Saturday.

On Friday.


On Sunday.

At nine o'clock.


Which of the words below has a negative meaning?







Which sentence best completes the dialogue?

Guest: Hello, I need some sightseeing advice.
Front Desk: Ah, Sure. That's what I'm here for, sir.
Guest: That's great! So where should I go first?
Front Desk: I'd suggest that you start at the Sazova Theme Park.
Guest: .............................................
Front Desk: Sure. What would you like to do in your spare time?
Guest: When I have some free time, I often spend visiting crafts shop.
Front Desk: Then the best place for you to visit is Odunpazarı Evleri. There you can visit some amazing crafts shop.
Guest: Thank you, that sounds great. I'll do that today.
Front Desk: Enjoy your visit, sir.

Could you tell me how I can get there?

I've already been there. Can you recommend another place?

I heard there is a pirate ship there, is that true?

Actually, I'd like to go shopping.

Is it far from here?


Resme göre aşağıdaki diyalogda verilen boşluklara seçeneklerden hangisi gelmelidir?                    A: "Excuse me, how can I go to the Italian restaurant?" B: "Walk down the Bond Street, cross the traffic lights. Go______ on. Turn _____on the King’ Road and keep walking. It is at the end on the _____."

right / left / right

straight / right /right

straight / left / right

left / right /right

straight / left /left


Which of the following is a place that a tourist can visit in Eskişehir?

Blue Mosque



Soğanlı Valleys

Çapanoğlu Mosque


In Eskişehir, you want to visit a place which is a ‘locomotive engine factory’. Where will you go?




Sugar factory

Turkish Air Force Training Base


Which of the words best completes the sentence below?

Nobody lives in that town. It is ____________ .







Which of the following expressions is the most formal and can be used both in a café and bar to take an order?

What is your pleasure?

What are you having?

What would you like to order?

What can I get to you?

Would you like another?


Who is a “walk in guest”?

Guests who make their reservations too early

Guests who don’t use a car

Crowded guest group

Guests who come without making reservation

Guests who have stayed in the same hotel before


What are free refills?

Foods that are free of charge.

Drinks that are served by room service.

Drinks that are renewed without any cost.

Foods that are served at open buffet.

Drinks that are served at pool bar.


What can be said in case of a theft?

We will inform the doctor immediately.

We will call the ambulance. 

We will take you to the Emergency Room right away. 

We will inform the police immediately. 

We will call your friends right away. 


Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence with the correct comparative/superlative form.

This is ___________ meat restaurant in İstanbul, so its prices are ___________ than the other meat restaurants around here.

more popular / more expensive

more popular / the most expensive

the most popular / more expensive

the most popular / the most expensive

popular / more expensive


Which of the following idioms can be used to describe a hotel which is very nice and extraordinary?

A stone's throw away.

In good hands

Out of this world

Dog tired

An unearthly hour


At the arrival to the hotel, a guest asks some questions to a hotel receptionist. Read the dialogue and answer the question.

Guest: We are going to stay three days. Could you tell me the exact “check out” time?

Receptionist: Our guest “have to” check out before noon which is exactly at 11 A.M.?

What does the modal “have to” stand for in receptionist’s respond to the guest?







Which of the following can be used as a suggestion?

It is a five-minute walk, but the walk is up hill.

There are some nice places to visit here.

Yazılıkaya is definitely worth visiting.

The buses don’t go there.

This rural village has a history reaching back to 3500 BC.


Some of the hotels in the world offer interesting services and amenities. Which one of the following is served by Tides Riviera Maya Hotel in Mexico?

A baby butler

A soap concierge

A ghost hunt tour

Three ways of transport

A book reader