Turizm İçin 1ngilizce 1 Deneme Sınavı Sorusu #765655

Guest: Do you have any suggestions on places we must visit in Alanya? Receptionist: There are some nice places to visit , but you need to take a taxi because they are not very near here.  ______________________ .The panorama is really beautiful and the 140  towers are fascinating. Exploring it on foot is tiring, but it’s worth it.

Which sentence best completes the dialogue? Diyaloğu en iyi tamamlayan cümle hangisidir? 

Let me first ask if you have a car.

During the Ottoman Empire, it was an important place.

Our city has wonderful beaches and streets.

You can explore the city by taxi or bus.

I would recommend starting with Alanya Castle.

Yanıt Açıklaması:

Alanya’da gezilebilecek yerler olarak ilk tavsiye edilen yer Alanya Kalesi’dir. Devamında verilen bilgiler kale ile ilgilidir. Doğru cevap E’dir.

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