Turizm İçin 1ngilizce 1 Final 3. Deneme Sınavı

Toplam 20 Soru


Which of the following facilities helps one to speak one's own language when he or she arrives at a hotel?

Multi-lingual staff

Limousine service

Golf nearby

Steam bath

Business center


Which expression best completes the following sentence?

Bozcaada is described as "one of Turkey’s best-kept secrets" because ...........

The island has many family-run hotels

No one knows about Bozcaada

It has many hidden natural beauties

It was an important stopping point between Baghdad and İstanbul

It has fascinating carvings from the sixth BC


In the tourism industry, certainly no one wants to think about emergencies, but every employee must be prepared. Which option is correct according to the sentence given above? Yukardaki cümleye göre seçeneklerde verilenlerden hangisi doğrudur?

Not every employee has the responsibility for helping in an emergency. 

Each employee is responsible for helping in an emergency. 

Only some of the employees must be prepared to be helpful in an emergency. 

The employees must call the police to help in an emergency. 

Not all of the employees have to try to help in an emergency. 


Which one of the following is a recreational facility provided by a hotel?

Laundry facilities

Satellite TV

Beauty salon

Currency exchange

Business center


Guest : I am not feeling well. I think I have a fever. 
Staff   : ................................................? Which of the following completes the dialogue correctly? Aşağıdakilerden hangisi konuşmayı doğru bir şekilde tamamlar?

Would you like me to call a doctor for you?

Do you have travel insurance?

Would you like me to call the fire brigade? 

Would you like to have coffee?

You mustn't call us for your health problems.


Which of the following sentences can be used by a customer while making a phone-call reservation?

Can we see the menu?

Do you have any specials to recommend?

Do you take credit cards?

Is there a dress code?

Do you have any desserts?


_______ Ahmet _______ his colleagues could understand what their Chefs were saying when they spoke French since Ahmet can only speak Turkish and some English.

Which one of the following completes the dialogue above?

Aşağıdakilerden hangisi yukarıdaki konuşmayı doğru şekilde tamamlar?

Neither / nor

Both / or

Not only / so

Either / nor

While / but


What is the best reply to the following complaint from a guest?

Guest: I am feeling dizzy.

Staff: …………………………………..

Evacuate the building.

There is nothing to worry about.

Please stay calm. Help is on the way.

I will call the travel agency.

Call the police.                                              


Guest : ..................................................
Staff   : I am sorry to hear that, sir. Do you know where you lost it?

Which of the following sentences belongs to the guest? Konuğun cümlesi aşağıdakilerden hangisidir?

My watch fell down the elevator shaft. 

I lost my way. 

I lost my key in the restaurant. 

I fell down the stairs. 

I lost my one-thousand dollar watch.


What does “in good hands” mean?

do research

very near

to be safe and cared for

to try very hard

very tired


What is one of the standard complimentary toiletries in each room.

Hair conditioner

Mini refrigerator

Free Wi-Fi

24-hour room service

A desk to write on


A: I have a stomachache. Can you give me something for the pain?

B: ...................................

Which of the following completes the dialogue above?

Aşağıdakilerden hangisi yukarıdaki konuşmayı doğru şekilde tamamlar?

Why don't you go to the dentists'?

I advise you to go to hospital

I suggest you go to the police

You should drink cold water

Why don't you eat a hamburger?


Which one is the best reply to the following emergency situation? Hangisi aşağıdaki acil duruma verilecek en doğru cevaptır?“I cut my hand pretty badly with a broken plate. What should I do?”

I will call the police for you now, sir.

I will send our house doctor right away, sir.

I will send the room service right away.

I suggest you to go to the hotel spa.

I can give you some regular medicine,sir.


What is one of the possible questions that a customer may ask to a restaurant worker when reserving a table on the phone?

Answer the question.

How many of you working there?

How long should we wait for the dish?

Is there a dress code?

What is your chef's name?

Have you had a long working experience?


Which of the following statement can be an example for subordinating conjunction?

The hotel is very close to the beach and it allows pets.

Although the hotel is very expensive, it does not have many facilities.

I did not like this hotel but it is very close to the city centre.

All the desserts look delicious but I am already full.

The hotel has all the facilities but a golf court.


Which of the following is not considered as an emergency? Aşağıdakilerden hangisi acil durum sayılmaz?

Heart attack


Car accident

Late check-out

Lost items


At a café, a foreign customer orders a cup of Turkish coffee. Just after serving the coffee, waiter warns the customer on not drinking the last drops of the Turkish coffee.  Why does the waiter warn the customer about such a drinking manner about Turkish coffee.

Waiter: Here you are.

Customer: Thanks.

Waiter: Let me warn you not to drink the last drops!

Gounds can only be eaten.

Grounds may have a sour taste.

Coffee grounds are very sugary.

Coffee grounds are not good for health.

Coffee grounds cannot be drunk.


Karetta Resort Hotel also has a free beauty salon for ladies ________ this is an extra service in most of the resort hotels. Which of the following fills out the blank meaningfully?







A customer asking how long s/he will wait for the meal ordered. What do you say to the customer?

I will bring your starters right away.

It is a kind of meat.

Can I get you anything while you make your decision?

It takes about 20 minutes to prepare.

Are you ready to order?


Guest: Do you have any suggestions on places we must visit in Alanya? Receptionist: There are some nice places to visit , but you need to take a taxi because they are not very near here.  ______________________ .The panorama is really beautiful and the 140  towers are fascinating. Exploring it on foot is tiring, but it’s worth it.

Which sentence best completes the dialogue? Diyaloğu en iyi tamamlayan cümle hangisidir? 

Let me first ask if you have a car.

During the Ottoman Empire, it was an important place.

Our city has wonderful beaches and streets.

You can explore the city by taxi or bus.

I would recommend starting with Alanya Castle.