Turizm İçin 1ngilizce 1 Final 15. Deneme Sınavı

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What is the best question for the given answer?Tourist:……………………………………………Local person: Yes, you can buy meerschaum pipes which is very famous in Eskişehir.

Are there any historic sites I can visit?

Is there a unique thing that I can buy in Eskişehir?

Are there any holidays or festivals that I should be here for?

Can I talk to anybody about my problem?

Is it possible for me to find someone to take me there?


At the front desk, a  guest and a receptionist have a dialog. Read the dialog and find the best choice that completes the blank.

Receptionist: May I help you?

Guest: What if we come back late at midnight? Do we miss the dinner?

Receptionist:........................................................................ .

Don't worry, you may find something to eat in the nextdoor hotel.

Yes, but we may charge you for the extra menu.

You may have your dinner in the restaurants outside.

If you come back after 10 PM you miss it.

Why don't you take something with you.


“Hot water mixed with coffee under pressure. Strong coffee without milk.” What type of coffee is this?




Extra shot

Iced coffee


Which of the words below cannot be used to describe Yunus Emre?







When a guest complains about the hygiene of the pool which of the following statements she/he is likely to say?

We need some quite and relaxing time, is there a pool with Jacuzzi for adults only?

It is too hot and sunny by the pool; can you put up some shades please?

I don’t prefer to swim in the pool because the chemicals that are used for the hygiene give me allergies.

The kids' pool looks a little bit deep, is there a lifeguard for the kids pool?

The pool is filthy, when was the last time it was cleaned?


I    You must have a plan to evacuate your guests     II     You must direct your guests to fire escapes     III    III    You must help the firemen to put out the fire.    IV   You must get everyone out of the building. If a fire breaks out in the restaurant you work, which of the above should you do ?  Çalıştığınız restoranda yangın çıkarsa yukarıdakilerin hangisini yapmalısınız?

II and III

I,II and IV

III and IV

I, II and III

II and IV



Do you know who drank tea first? It really is not possible to answer this question but there is a little story about the beginning of tea. According to the legend, about 2737 BC, the Chinese emperor, Shen Nung, who was interested in plants and herbs, was sitting under a tree. His servant gave him a glass of boiled water and some leaves from the tree fell into this glass. Instead of throwing it away, the emperor tried to drink it and liked it. The tree was Camellia Sinensis, and the drink that came from its leaves is what we call tea today. Of course it is not possible to know if this story is true but the first tea drinkers were the Chinese. Tea spread to the world from China. The words for tea also come from two different Chinese dialects. Mandarin and Cantonese: Cha and Amoy te. Tea is a soft drink. It is prepared by pouring hot boiling water over the tea leaves. Tea is one of the most widely drunk beverages. Tea comes from a bush/plant called Camellia Sinensis. After tea is harvested there is a long process of drying it and getting it ready for tea lovers. However, depending on the process we get different types of tea. Here are some:

  • Green tea : The tea leaves are dried very quickly in an oven.
  • Black tea : The tea leaves oxidize and become rich in their flavor.
  • White tea : The tea leaves are picked just as they are starting with silky hair on their leaves.
  • Flavored teas : Black tea leaves are mixed with natural flavors. One of the most famous flavored tea is Earl Grey where the black tea is mixed with bergamot oil. Black tea is mostly mixed with fruits or spices. Some types of flavored teas would be vanilla tea, apple tea, orange tea, cinnamon tea etc.

Which sentence is NOT correct according to the text?

The first tea drinkers were the Chinese.

If the tea leaves oxidize and become rich in their flavor, it is called as green tea.

Tea spread to the world from China.

The words for tea also come from two different Chinese dialects. Mandarin and Cantonese: Cha and Amoy te.

One of the most famous flavored tea is Earl Grey where the black tea is mixed with bergamot oil.


Karetta Resort Hotel is a little bit far from the sea-side, ______ there are shuttle rings once in ten minutes to the sea. Which of the below fills out the blank meaningfully?







________ go straight ahead.________ take the first on the right. Go down the street. You will see the book store on the right.__________ Complete the sentences. Cümleleri tamamlayınız.

First / Then/ You can’t miss it.

Turn right / Then / Go straight on.

First / Then / It is on the left.

Then / First /It isn’t far.

5 minutes walk / Then / Turn right.


You are working as a waiter in a popular cafe. One of the customers ordered a mocha with caramel. When you brought the cafe, he said that he had wanted mocha with white chocolate. Which one of the following is a good response to this customer?

I must have misunderstood you, let’s re-make it.

I am sure you wanted mocha with caramel.

You did the same thing las week.

Mocha is always better with white chocolate.

You can pay less for this mistake.


Guest: I would like to go to the basketball game tonight. Would it be possible to get two tickets?

In a hotel who may be expected to be asked such a question?





Hotel owner


What do families, who have a mixture of high and low energy members with two or three children, want to have in a hotel.

A bar and a lounge

Water sports and hiking

Swimming pool and playing area

Horse riding and tennis court

A boutique and a gift Shop


In a very elegant restaurant, a customer is complaining the soup because there is something in it. What do you say as a server?

Oh, sorry, .............................................................................. .

I haven't noticed that.

I'll change it right away.

it must be a piece of red pepper.

but it is not my fault.

I really don't know what it is.


  1. Target audience
  2. The geographical location
  3. The stars the hotel has

Which of the above determine(s) the quality and quantity of amenities and available facilities at the hotel?


Only I

Only III

II and III

I and III


Complete the dialogue: Guest: How far is the stadium from here? Concierge: ........................................ Guest: Thank you.

Turn right at the roundabout.

It is not near. You had better take a taxi.

We have television. You can watch the match here.

You had better buy a GPS.

I don't think you can find it by yourself.


Which question best fits the answer given?

Guest: .............................................
Concierge: Yes, sir.
Guest: Great! Where is it?
Concierge: Sir, it is just below the lobby. You can take the elevator or the stairs.

Excuse me, Does this hotel have a fitness facility?

Is the hotel going to charge me for that service?

How long does it take to the swimming pool?

Do you have a sightseeing tour?

Are there any nice forests or gardens nearby?


What types of amenities do sedentary or low key visitors generally look for?

Places to eat and watch entertainment

Outdoor sports facilities

A supervised play area for kids

Exercise and fitness rooms

Multilingual staff


What is the number to call in case of medical emergency in Turkey?







A .......... doesn’t offer a lot of comforts and it is usually for short term stays.Which one of the following completes the dialogue above?

boutique hotel


bed and breakfast

seaside resort

holiday village


What can be said if a guest cuts himself in the restaurant?

I will get the manager immediately.

You should stay seated while the ambulance is arriving. 

We will inform the police right away. 

Please stay calm and evacuate the building.

Don't worry, our life guard is by the pool.