Turizm İçin 1ngilizce 1 Final 7. Deneme Sınavı

Toplam 20 Soru


Choose the best answer to fill in the blanks?

Could you tell me where .......... some souvenirs, please?

can I buy

could I buy

I can buy

should I buy

I bought


If I_________ in New York, I would go to Central Park.

Aşağıdakilerden hangisi yukarıdaki cümleyi doğru şekilde tamamlar?



had lived

will live

am living


Guest  : I hear the fire alarm.
Staff    : Please, stay calm and ...................  the building.

Which of the following completes the dialogue correctly? Aşağıdakilerden hangisi konuşmayı doğru bir şekilde tamamlar?







Which of the following visitors are the ones who always want to be doing something that will keep them moving?

Sedentary visitors

High energy visitors

Families as vacationers

Low-key visitors

Businessmen as vacationers


I would like to book a room, but I have broken my leg and can’t climb any stairs. Which answer best fits this sentence?  Hangi cevap bu cümleye  uygundur?

Please contact us and let us know when you will be arriving at our hotel.

I think I can solve your problem. I will immediately send someone up.

If you book an earlier flight, you might be able to check in before 11 o’clock.

Depending on our room availability, we may be able to offer you a room in the first floor.

I seem to be having some problems with the air-conditioning in my room.


Which one of the following is a good response to a guest staying at your hotel and calling you to say he got lost while sightseeing?

You shouldn’t have gone too far away.

I was expecting that.

You should call your friends, not me.

I will help you find your way, don’t worry.

I am too busy, please call later.


Many hotels like to call themselves "a home away from home". This statement may refer to which of the following?

The hotels allow the guests to cook for themselves.

The hotels offer a comfortable and safe environment for the guests.

The hotels have bungalows and suites.

The hotels are located far away from the city centre.

The hotels offer babysitting service for free.


Where would a guest put her valuable jewelry while travelling?

She puts them in the hotel safe.

She puts them in her hand bag.

She puts them under her bed.

She puts them in the fridge.

She puts them in the cupboard.


Which one of the following is not one of the features of a front desk staff who is good at problem solving?


Communicating clearly

Working a lot

Thinking critically

Working quickly


Guest: Excuse me, can I ask you some questions about the circus animation next week?

Staff: Of course, yes.

Guest: Can you tell me about the day and the time please?

Staff. The animation is going to be _____ (2) Thursday, ______ (3) nine o’clock in the evening.

Guest: Are they animators or professionals?

Staff: Definitely professionals. They professionally work _____ (4) Russia.

Aşağıdakilerden hangisi 3. boşluğu doğru şekilde tamamlar?







Which of the following conjunctions best completes the sentence below?

"The mini bar has all the drinks ............. beer."







Guest : I have a very bad stomachache.
Staff : Maybe the food was bad. It could be food ....................

Which of the following completes the dialogue correctly? Aşağıdakilerden hangisi konuşmayı doğru bir şekilde tamamlar?







Which of the below is NOT a question to ask at a hotel?

What time is check in?

What time is breakfast served?

What will I see from my balcony?

Where can I park my car?

What time will I get up?


 Choose the correct option to give directions to the cafe.

Go straight on, turn left, it is on the left.

Walk down the Bond Street, turn left on the King’s road.

Go straight on, take the first right, walk down the Green Street and turn left. It is on the right.

Go straight on, turn left from the traffic lights, it is at the end of the Street.

Walk down the Bond Street, cross the King’s road, it is at the end.


Complete the phone conversation between the hotel staff and the guest.

Staff: ______ for calling the sunshine hotel. How can I help you?

Guest: Hi, I'd like to book a room for my family. I have some questions about your hotel. Do you have any ______ for children. We don't want them to get bored.

S: Yes, sure. We have plenty of things to do for everyone.

G: Great! And are they _______ ? Because me and my wife want to relax while our kids are having good time.

S: Of course they are. We can guarantee that our staff will keep them busy with games and educational activities.

Hello, beds, free

Good morning, mini bar, enjoyable

Thank you, activities, supervised

Good bye, towels, enough

Good morning, food, healthy


“Mrs. Sandra’s gold necklace was stolen from her room. She ……………………. left her door unlocked.” Which of the following correctly completes the sentence above?Aşağıdakilerden hangisi yukarıdaki cümleyi doğru şekilde tamamlar?


Must have

Should have




“Abant Lake in Bolu is a popular destination for Turkish people, but it is not on the route of foreign tourists.” What does “not on the route of foreign tourists” mean in the sentence above?

It is highly visited by foreign people.

It is a common place among foreigners.

Foreign people desire to visit there.

It is not visited by foreign tourists.

Foreign people love visiting there.


Some hotels are built around thermal springs and mostly used for health reasons or recreation. In such hotels people stay to have treatment for their illnesses.

Where do people can find facilities related to their ilnesses?

Eco Hotels


Capsule Hotels

Thermal Hotels

Holiday Villages


When a receptionist say "we are booked full", what does she/he mean?

We are the most favorite hotel in the city.

The hotel is totally empty.

There are bookshelves in the rooms.

There is not a library in the hotel.

There are no rooms available.


Waiter: Are you ready to order, madam?

Customer: I think so.

Waiter: _____________________

Customer: Tomato soup and mineral water please.

Waiter: Certainly.

Complete the dialogue with the most appropriate sentence.

What would you like to eat?

Would you like to have tomato soup?

What do you want to drink?

What is your order?

What would you like to have?