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Which of the following is a small bus or car that travels back and forth at specific times?

En suite

Priority seating





In a restaurant, there are ten foreign customers four of whom are vegetarians. As a server, what would you recommend those vegetarians?

Server: ........................................................................................................... .

You may eat boiled egg and fish.

Why don't you try spagetti and beef.

 You may have some dessert or fruits.

Our customers are very happy eating chicken.

 You may have sausage sandwich.


This is .....................meal I have ever eaten.


very delicious

too delicious 

more delicious than

the most delicious


I. Hımm.. I'll have a regular black tea then, please. II. Are you ready to order? III. I'm afraid we don't have it. May I suggest tea? IV. I'd like to drink a cappuccino, please. V. I'd like my tea straight. VI. With or without milk?
Put the following into correct order to make a meaningful conversation. Choose the correct option.

II - IV - III - I - VI - V

IV - II - I - III - V - VI

II - I - III - IV - V - VI

III - I - II - IV - VI- V

IV - III - I - VI - V - II


A customer is complanining about  the coffee. He wanted to have it black, but you served it with cream and sugar. What would you say? Bir müşteri sade kahve yerine krema ve şekerli servis etmiş olduğunuz için  şikayet ediyor. Ne söylersiniz?

I must have misunderstood you. Let me re-make it.

I promise this time it will be with cream and sugar.

You have ordered your coffee with cream and sugar.

That’s because you asked for a black coffee.

It tastes great with cream and sugar. You should try it.


Waiter: What would you like to drink?

Customer: I’ll have a cup of tea.

Waiter:  May I suggest white tea?

Customer: White tea?

Waiter: Yes, ______________________. It is different from green tea. For green tea the leaves are dried very quickly in an oven. And for black tea the leaves oxidize and become rich in their flavor.

Customer: Ok, then I’ll have white tea.

Which sentence completes the dialogue best? ? Diyaloğu en iyi tamamlayan cümle hangisidir?

The tea leaves are often mixed with fruit or spices like cardamom.

The tea leaves are picked just as they are starting with silky hair on their leaves.

Vanilla tea, apple tea, orange tea, cinnamon tea are some examples.

For Earl Grey the tea leaves are mixed with bergamot oil.

Black tea leaves are mixed with natural flavors. Black tea is very tasty.


Guest: Good evening.
Host: Do you have a reservation for this evening?
Guest: We do. My name is Wallace. Party of five.
Host: I’m sorry Mr. Wallace, but I don’t seem to have your name on the list of reservations for tonight.
Guest: That’s impossible. I called yesterday and made a reservation.
Host: I am terribly sorry, but it is Saturday evening and we are very full. If you don’t have a reservation, it is very difficult to accommodate you.
Guest: Look. I called here yesterday and the person I spoke with said that we had to have a reservation for tonight. So, I gave him my name and told him we would be here at nine o’clock.
Host: I understand, sir. It’s just that we are extremely busy tonight. Do you know who spoke with?
Guest: I have no idea. I only know that I spoke to someone, and they took my reservation. May I speak to the manager, then?
Host: Sir, I am the manager.
Guest: Good. Then, as the manager, I hope you can realize the mistake that one of your staff made, and find us a table for five.
Host: Ok. I’m very sorry about the inconvenience. Let me speak with the head waiter and have him arrange a table for four. Please wait for about ten minutes while we set up a table for you.
Guest: Thank you.
Which information has not been given in the conversation?

The day when the customer called to make a reservation

If the manager found a solution or not

The name of the customer

The number of people in his party

The name of the manager


Who is generally the first employee a guest encounters in a hotel?

Front desk person




Maintenance staff


The guests will arrive........the 24th of August.







All our customers ........... take a ticket at the reception to take the free shuttle to downtown. Otherwise, the   driver won’t let you in.







Guest: Excuse me, can I ask you some questions about the circus animation next week?

Staff: Of course, yes.

Guest: Can you tell me about the day and the time please?

Staff. The animation is going to be _____ (2) Thursday, ______ (3) nine o’clock in the evening.

Guest: Are they animators or professionals?

Staff: Definitely professionals. They professionally work _____ (4) Russia.

Aşağıdakilerden hangisi 2. boşluğu dopru şekilde tamamlar?







A customer is complaining that his coffee is cold. What would you say?

Can I call a taxi for you?

Then I apologize. Let me re-make it.

Would you like me to keep a tab?

Your drinks will be ready in a minute.

Would you like ice with that?


Answer the question.

How can a server or a waiter describe a special dish which is well known to his restaurant to a customer who for the first time visits this restaurant and wants to try something famous?

You may try many of the dishes that are all special.

Meze is the most favourable dish of our restaurant.

We are one of the resturants serving fresh seafood.

You may have desserts and a Turkish coffee after the dinner.

You may have first soup and then the main course.


Which of the following is a drink with red fruit punch and iced tea?

Arnold Palmer 

Cassius Clay

Phil Collins

Shirley Temple

Muddy Water


Which of the following types of coffee is made with espresso coffee, hot chocolate and steamed milk?

Extra shot




Caffè latte


Hangisi front desk (ön büro) görevlilerinin sorumluluğu değildir?

Greeting guests.

Providing guests with room keys.

Answering guests’ questions.

Cooking food for the guests.

Taking credit card information for payment.


Guest: I seem to be having some trouble with the television in my room.Receptionist: ...........Which one of the following best completes the dialogue above?

Do I have to send someone up to see the trouble?

Oh, no, not again!

I’m sorry, but I can’t do anything.

What exactly seems to be the problem, Sir?

Actually, televisions might not work sometimes.


Which one of the following is a good way to say goodbye to a customer leaving the restaurant?

You gave very little tip for us.

You can’t find another place better than us.

I think you should reserve for the next time.

You shouldn’t have made too much noise.

I hope you enjoyed your evening with us.


What type of hotel is suitable for people  who travel with their car and need a place to stay near the main roads? Hangi konaklama tesisi türü arabayla seyahat eden ve anayola yakın bir yerde konaklamak isteyen kişiler için uygundur?

Holiday village


Conference hotel

Seaside hotel 



Complete the dialog with the best option.

A guest is complaining because she ordered her soup 20 minutes ago, and it has not come yet.

Guest: (Raising her hand) Excuse me! Should we wait for another 20 minutes?

Server: ................................................................................. .

Sorry, I'll bring it right away. That's my mistake.

Did you order only soup and salad?

You will not wait 20 minutes, I'll serve it in 5 minutes.

What did you order? I've forgotten.

You ordered it to another server I think.