Turizm İçin 1ngilizce 1 Ara 2. Deneme Sınavı

Toplam 20 Soru


Which one of the following expresses an expectation?

My uncle can speak four languages.

I am studying very hard. I should get a good grade.

You must study very hard to be successful.

You could use this elevator to go upstairs.

I have to wear this uniform at work.


Which one of the following refers to the type of restaurant that sells breads, cakes and cookies?







Guest: I would like to go to the basketball game tonight. Would it be possible to get two tickets?

In a hotel who may be expected to be asked such a question?





Hotel owner


Which theme restaurant below may be preferred by a person who is interested in historical buildings, events or characters?

The heart attack grill

Medieval times

Rainforest cafe

Mars restaurant

Dinner in the sky


Receptionist: Good evening. Welcome to the Starlight Inn. Can I help you?

Guest :Good evening. Yes. We should have a reservation for two adults and two children for one week. The name is Simon.

Receptionist: Yes, here it is. Mr. and Mrs. Simon. From Ankara. And will it just be the two of you and the children?

Guest :Yes. You do not charge for children, do you?

Receptionist: No. Let's see if .............................., ............................ .

they can stay, we may give them a separate room.

you wish, they may share separate rooms.

you pay, they may have a special room.

children aged less than 12 years old, they are free of charge. 

their age is over 12, they may share adult rooms.


Some type of hotels serve people who have air travels or flight transfers and stay only for one night or a couple of hours.  This type of hotels are very close to airports. 

What type of hotels have such characteristics that make people reach  their flights easily?


Seaside Resort Hotels

Airport Hotels

Holiday villages

Spa Hotels


Guest: ...........?Receptionist: No, ma’am. It’s included in the price of your stay.Which one of the following completes the dialogue above?

Do I have to pay for the dinner?

Is the dinner cheap?

How much does the dinner cost?

Could you book a table for two for tonight?

May I have my dinner after 8 p.m.?


A guest is complaining because she ordered meat with potatoes but she got meat with rice. What do you say to the guest?

Here is your check, madam.

Enjoy your meal.

Would you like anything else?

Are you ready to order?

I am very sorry, madam. I will exchange it right away.


Complete the dialog with the correct option.
(Diyaloğu doğru seçenekle tamamlayınız.)
Guest: “Could you give me information about smoking at the hotel?”
Staff: “Yes, sir. You ……………….. smoke in your hotel room.”







Coplete the followig sentence. If you have  ever stayed in our hotel, ..........................................

you must have wanted to come and stay again.

you could have wanted to come and stay again.

you would want to come and stay again.

you would have wanted to come and stay again.

you would wanted to come and stay again.


Which of the following responsibilities is more likely to belong to a front desk person?

Changing the bed sheets

Dealing with malfunctions about the phone line

Making a reservation for a concert

Cooking breakfast

Protecting the guests’ valuables


Guest: Excuse me, can I ask you some questions about the circus animation next week?

Staff: Of course, yes.

Guest: Can you tell me about the day and the time please?

Staff. The animation is going to be _____ (2) Thursday, ______ (3) nine o’clock in the evening.

Guest: Are they animators or professionals?

Staff: Definitely professionals. They professionally work _____ (4) Russia.

Aşağıdakilerden hangisi 4. boşluğu doğru şekilde tamamlar?







At the arrival to the hotel, a guest asks some questions to a hotel receptionist. Read the dialogue and answer the question.

Guest: Will you please help me? I want to know about breakfast time.

Receptionist: Sure, please feel free to ask anything you like.

Guest: We are very tired after a long flight. Can you tell us the time for breakfast?

Receptionist: Oh! You must be hungry. You may have your breakfast until 10 o’clock.

Guest: Thanks, that’s great.

What does the modal “must” stand for in receptionist’s respond to the guest?







Answer the question.

Why do cafes and bistros are open early in the morning?

because ………………….................................... .

many of the locals and visitors want a cup of coffee or tea in the morning.

especially cafes and bistros are very cheap for locals and tourists.            

cafe and bistro owners have to prepare hot drinks early every morning.

breakfast and special dishes require early preparation in cafes and bistros.

The local authorities want cafe and bistro owners open them early.


Which sentence completes the dialogue below the best?Customer: Excuse me, but I ordered my food 40 minutes ago.Waiter: ____________ .

We hope you come back to see us.

I hope you enjoyed your meal.

I will see to it that you get your food right away.

I will bring your check right away.

You have a choice of rice or potatoes with your meat.


Complete the dialogue with the correct option. A: Where is John? Have you seen him? B: He is in the office. He has worked for a long time days and nights. He _____ be very tired. 







Answer the question.

When a customer complains about the cooking quality of his/her beef and says "Waiter, my meat is undercooked", how would you answer him/her?.

You may try it with some sauce.

Don't worry, we may recook it.

Sorry, let me change it.

We may offer you another dish.

Sorry, but you haven't mentioned that.


What is the function of “may” in Jack’s sentence?

John: Shall we go to picnic in the afternoon?

Jack: It may rain today.







At the front desk, a  guest and a receptionist have a dialog. Read the dialog and find the best choice that completes the blank.

Receptionist: May I help you sir?

Guest: We would like to have a sightseeing tour for today.

Receptionist: Oh sir, all today's tour reservations were closed yesterday. 

If you ............................................, ................................... .

really want to see somewhere, you may hire a car for a tour.

had contacted us earlier, we would have arranged that.

go to downtown, people may help you for a tour.

have a car, you may enjoy the contryside and the mountains.

like walking in the forest or along the seaside, we may hire you bicycles.


You are working as a waiter in a meat restaurant. One of the customers ordered 'pilav’ with his meat but you brought her potatoes. He complained about it. Which one of the following is a good response to him?

Our potatoes are also very delicious.They have the same calories, don’t worry.

They have the same calories, don’t worry.

I will bring you another soup, sir.

I am sorry, I will change it immediately.

Sorry for being late, here is your order.