Turizm İçin 1ngilizce 1 Ara 4. Deneme Sınavı

Toplam 20 Soru


What is the superlative form of “good”?

The best



Th worst

The most


Which of the following means a guest who comes to the hotel without reservation?

Wake up call



Walk in



At the front desk, a guest asks about the method of payments accepted by the hotel. Read the dialog and and choose the best option.

Reseptionist: Hello sir and madam, may I help you?

Guest: We want to ask something about payment method. If we pay the price in cash, ................................................................ ?

Unfortunately no, whether you pay in cash or with credit card, the price is fixed.

can we pay in Turkish Liras?

would you accept foreign currency?

will there be any discount?

will you give us a free shuttle service to the airport?

can you give us an extra stay?


Which of the following is a complaint in a restaurant?

The table is too close to the toilets. 

Can I have the check, please?

We would like to have separate checks, please.

Can we have some more bread please?

I would like a table by the seaside, please.


Which one is coffee with whiskey and cream and sometimes sugar is added?

Iced coffee

Turkish coffee

Half caf

Extra shot

Irish coffee


Choose the appropriate question a waiter might say when ordering at a Restaurant.

(Bir restoranda sipariş verilirken garsonun söyleyebileceği uygun seçeneği işaretleyiniz.)

What name will the reservation be under?

Would you care for something to drink?

Was everything to your liking?

Would you like any dessert?

Is there any table place you would like?


“Mezgit is the ………… restaurant I know. I like it very much.”

Which option completes the sentences in the right way?







Which of the following means a guest who comes to a hotel without reservation?

Wakeup call



Walk in



Which of the following can be said to a guest whilw she/he is checking out?

Did you enjoy your stay?

How can I help you?

How long will be your stay?

How many in your party?

We have a few rooms left.


A customer orders coffee with sugar, but when you bring it, he says he ordered it with no sugar. Which one is the best to answer his complaint? Complete the dialogue. Customer: This coffee is sweet. I did not ask for it. I wanted it without sugar. Server: _______.

I am pretty sure that you ordered it with sugar. Don’t you remember?

Then I apologize. I must have misunderstood it. Let me re-make it.

In my payment order, it says ‘with sugar’. Look here. It’s correct.

Alright sir, I will re-make your coffee, but you have to pay for both coffees.

I will bring you another without sugar for free, but I am certain that you asked for a sweet one.


What can a waiter say when the customers have finished eating their food?

Are you ready to order?

That's very nice to hear.

What about ordering food?

Can you spell that, please?

How was your meal?


Which one of the following is “asking for permission”?

May I use your telephone?

Should you carry my suitcase?

You mustn’t park here.

You have to show your ID card.

It might be sunny in the afternoon.


Which theme restaurant below may be preferred by a person who is interested in historical buildings, events or characters?

The heart attack grill

Medieval times

Rainforest cafe

Mars restaurant

Dinner in the sky


Choose the correct answer to create a meaningful dialogue in type-3 conditional.

A: What if I hadn’t reserved a room?

B: __________________________.

We could not have found a room for you.

You will have another chance.

Don’t worry, you will reserve for the next time.

It will be more expensive.

You should see our reservation desk.


(1) Waiter: Here is the menu, sir.

(2) Bill: Nice to meet you.

(3) Waiter: Good evening, my name is Ali and I’ll be        your server.

(4) Bill: Can I see the menu?

What is the best order of the sentences above to create a meaningful dialogue?







Which rooms are called adjoining rooms in a hotel?

Rooms with a connecting door between

Rooms with 3 bedrooms

Rooms with sea view

Rooms for bigger families

Rooms which are situated on the first floor


Which one of the following factors is not one of the reasons behind Mezgit Restaurant’s popularity?

Delicious food

Good prices

Good service

Lively atmosphere

Lively musicians


Which of the following can be said while responding a guest's complaint?

Have a nice day, sir.

I’ll correct the situation immediately, sir.

Nobody complains about that.

I have nothing to do with that.

This is our best. Sorry.


Aşağıdaki cümleyi tamamlayınız.

“If I pay my room with cash,  ……………..........”

I would get a bigger room.

I will get %15 discount.

I would have stayed longer.

I could have get discount.

I would catch the plane.


A customer is complaining because there really is a fly in his soup. What do you say?

I am very sorry. I’ll bring another one right away.

I will see to it that you get your food right away.

The cook must have misunderstood the order.

Thank you. We hope you come back to see us.

You can use your credit card.