Turizm İçin 1ngilizce 1 Final 16. Deneme Sınavı

Toplam 20 Soru


I  Tell the medical staff as much as you can about the guest.     II Try to understand what the problem is (eg. heart attack)     III Do not forget to keep the other guests safe.     IV Do not move your guest if it is not necessary.     V Call 112, emergency services or a doctor immediately.      If you are a hotel/restaurant employee, which of the above should you do in case of medical emergency?  Otel ya da restoran çalışanıysanız acil tıbbi müdahale durumunda yukarıdakilerin hangisini yapmalısınız?


I,II and III

IV and V

I,II,IV and V

II,IV and V


What can be said in case of fire in a hotel?

Ma'am we have a situation and you must evacuate your room.

I will call you as soon as I can.

You should go to the pharmacy.

You should stay in your room.

Why don't you talk to your doctor?


Which sentence best completes the dialogue?Guest (calling front desk): “I'm not feeling very well, ı think I have a fever.”Employee : -----------------

You should have left the hotel earlier.

You should have been more careful.

Would you like me to call a doctor for you?

You must have been late getting to the airport.

Do you have travel insurance?


What number should one call in case of emergency in Turkey?







What is the best question for the given answer?


Local person: Well, there are a lot of green areas for a walk in the city.

Where should I go for gift-shopping?

Is there a nice place to drink something?

Where can I listen to some traditional music?

Is there a traditional food that I should eat while I’m here?

Is there a nice place to go for a walk in Eskişehir?


Which of the following is NOT one of the toiletries that can be found in a hotel room?



Hair conditioner

Hair salon



“You should keep your passport and identification card with you and put them …………… when you travel.” Which of the following correctly completes the sentence above?Aşağıdakilerden hangisi yukarıdaki cümleyi doğru şekilde tamamlar?

In a suitcase.

In a safe place.

Under your bed.

In your pillow.

On your desk.



Do you know who drank tea first? It really is not possible to answer this question but there is a little story about the beginning of tea. According to the legend, about 2737 BC, the Chinese emperor, Shen Nung, who was interested in plants and herbs, was sitting under a tree. His servant gave him a glass of boiled water and some leaves from the tree fell into this glass. Instead of throwing it away, the emperor tried to drink it and liked it. The tree was Camellia Sinensis, and the drink that came from its leaves is what we call tea today. Of course it is not possible to know if this story is true but the first tea drinkers were the Chinese. Tea spread to the world from China. The words for tea also come from two different Chinese dialects. Mandarin and Cantonese: Cha and Amoy te. Tea is a soft drink. It is prepared by pouring hot boiling water over the tea leaves. Tea is one of the most widely drunk beverages. Tea comes from a bush/plant called Camellia Sinensis. After tea is harvested there is a long process of drying it and getting it ready for tea lovers. However, depending on the process we get different types of tea. Here are some:

  • Green tea : The tea leaves are dried very quickly in an oven.
  • Black tea : The tea leaves oxidize and become rich in their flavor.
  • White tea : The tea leaves are picked just as they are starting with silky hair on their leaves.
  • Flavored teas : Black tea leaves are mixed with natural flavors. One of the most famous flavored tea is Earl Grey where the black tea is mixed with bergamot oil. Black tea is mostly mixed with fruits or spices. Some types of flavored teas would be vanilla tea, apple tea, orange tea, cinnamon tea etc.

According to the little story about the beginning of tea who drank tea first?

Chinese emperor, Shen Nung

Camellia Sinensis

Mandarin and Cantonese

Cha and Amoy te

Earl Grey


Which of the following sentences can be used by a customer while making a phone-call reservation?

Can we see the menu?

Do you have any specials to recommend?

Do you take credit cards?

Is there a dress code?

Do you have any desserts?


Customer: I would like to reserve a table for 4.
Which of the following completes the dialog above?

What name will the reservation be under?

When would you like to come?

Is there any table place you would like?

Is there a dress code?

How many will be in your party?


Which one of the following is not expected from a bartender?

Greeting the customers

Helping the customers with their drinks

Making suggestions about the drinks

Making good coffee

Keeping the bar clean


“I have a/an __________. Where can I exchange money?"

Aşağıdakilerden hangisi yukarıdaki cümleyi doğru şekilde tamamlar?







A: Jane missed the bus.

B: She....................

Which of the following completes the dialogue above?

Aşağıdakilerden hangisi yukarıdaki diyaloğu doğru olarak tamamlar?

should buy a ticket

must get up early 

must have been early

could have travelled

should have got up early


Which of the below is NOT one of the facilities Beverly Hilton Hotel offers to its customers?

24 hour room service




Olympic pool


Which one of the following businesses is not located in Eskişehir?





A sugar factory


Complete the sentence with the correct option.A: Did you watch the final of the Miami Open last night?B: No, I didn’t, but Federer _________ it because he is the best tennis player of this generation.

should have won

had won

could have won

must have won



What can you do to keep your guests safe in case of a storm or hurricane if you are an employee?

You must direct your guest to fire escapes and help the disabled.

Always keep your passport, identification card with you and put them in a safe place.

You must know the telephone number of your country’s consulate.

Try to have all your guests inside the building. Try to keep them close to the center of the building.

Call 112, emergency services or a doctor.


Which one is a kind of stone/rock/mineral which people sell as a souvenir especially in Eskişehir?







Guest: Is there a swimming pool in the hotel?Receptionist: You _________the private pool in your suit.Which one of the following completes the dialogue above?Aşağıdakilerden hangisi yukarıdaki konuşmayı doğru şekilde tamamlar?

may enjoy

will enjoy

would like

can swim

should swim


How would you complete this sentence?

‘John …………have laughed at Jane; he hurt her feelings.